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The Oracle Divination Board© (the “Oracle Board” or “Board”) is a gorgeous
work of art that is also a means of detailed divination.  It is ideally suited to
work with a pendulum and crystals, which are included with the Board in the
Oracle Divination Set™ (the “Oracle Set”). As one becomes familiar with the
Board, it’s possible (and encouraged!) to incorporate treasured mementos and
possessions for a particularly personal bond.

The Board was created in celebration of the earth and heavens, as much as a
divinatory tool.  The sun, moon, wind, and rain watch over the corners of the
painting, while the signs of the zodiac form a wheel around the heart of the
Board which is based on traditional spiritual correspondences.  The image is
the result of extensive research into both symbolism and a variety of
divinatory traditions.

Please click HERE for further discussion of the Board’s symbolism.

The Oracle Board as Art

The Oracle Divination Board© itself is a 20" x 20" fine art giclée print.
Printed on heavyweight archival paper with archival inks, the Oracle Board
benevolently glows on the wall as a beautiful work of art, until it's time to
bring it down to explore the questions on your mind and heart.  The print is
accompanied by an instructional booklet that helps the querant get started,
including suggested methods to connect with the versatility of the Board
and further discussion of the incorporated symbolism.
Giclée prints are large-scale pieces that completely avoid the pixels or "dots"
of conventional printing technology, and show off all the hues and tonalities
of the original painting in a seamless printed image.  Because of their size,
brilliance, and printing durability, giclée prints are prized.  Furthermore, by
ordering the Oracle Board directly, it is available signed by Vera, with an
inscription if desired.  As a note, high-quality framing is strongly recommended
to enhance the beauty and longevity of the Oracle Board.

The Oracle Divination Set™
Clear Quartz
Rose Quartz
Rutilated Quartz
To round out the Oracle Set, Vera includes an expanded instruction book that
discusses the properties of the pendulum and crystals, how to use them with
the Board, and establishing a point of departure for querants, with the aim of
creating a closer relationship with the Board and over time a personal system
for its use.

What a great set for a gift!
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